Environmental protection industry platform led by scientific and technological innovation


Beijing China Sciences Runyu Environmental  Technology  Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as“ CSET”), as an environmental protection industry platform led by scientific and technological innovation, serves the country“ Green development” Based on scientific and technological resources and years of advanced experience in the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, we are committed to providing the best feasible technology (BAT) and the best environmental practice (BEP) for the sustainable development of the environment. The goal is to develop into“ Technology changes the environment” Of the company.


CSET has officially registered on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on July 8, 2022, stock code: 301175.

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Circular economy industrial park


Help reduce carbon and realize green cycle

Conduct collaborative treatment and disposal of domestic waste, kitchen waste, urban sludge, medical waste and other urban wastes. While realizing harmless treatment, realize energy ladder utilization, improve energy utilization efficiency, and realize low-cost and efficient treatment of secondary pollutants. Mianyang project has entered the list of the first 50 resource recycling bases in China.


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Cogeneration industry


Under the background of dual control of energy consumption, the project adopts“ Cogeneration” The mode is to provide heating services to industrial enterprises in the industrial park where the project is located, realize the diversification, high efficiency and high value-added utilization of heat energy, and become the local infrastructure to provide green heat source guarantee for economic development. Via“ Cogeneration” In the mode, the effect of domestic waste recycling is more significant, and the social benefits and economic value of the project are also improved.


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Technology Changes   The Environment

Assist In The "Dual Carbon Strategy"   Guarding The Blue Water And Sky

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